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Not too many people can guess where I am from. I don't have an accent or the typical Middle Eastern features but I am actually from Syria. 

I was born and raised there until I was seven and then I moved to Kuwait with my family.

I attended the University of Kuwait where I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree graduating with distinction at the top of the Dean's Honour List

I moved to Canada in 1990 and worked on my Master's Degree in Biochemistry at the University of Toronto. I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Western Ontario again on the Dean's Honour List.

I have acquired many awards for my studies, which include Crown & Bridge and Fixed Prosthodontics. I also received a distinctive Canadian Dental Research Scholarship and the representation of Canada at the International Association of Dental Research Annual Convention which was held in San Francisco. San Francisco is a beautiful city and I highly recommend visiting it if you ever have a chance.

I also attend continuing education courses regularly to constantly upgrade my knowledge and skills. Courses I have taken include Nitrous Oxide/Oral Sedation and Rotary Endodontic Therapy. I have taken many courses in advanced techniques in Endodontics and I have developed extensive experience in Root Canal Therapy.

I am an active member of the Ottawa Dental Study Club. I have held executive positions in the Club for five years including the Presidency in

My wife, Roxane and I are proud parents of two wonderful children. Our daughter, Mia was born in April 2003 and our son, Anton was born in November 2004. I cannot begin to describe how much becoming a father has enriched my life.

My personal interests include swimming and soccer (I especially look forward to the World Cup). I also play squash and...just try tearing me away from a jigsaw puzzle! I enjoy music, cinema and attending events at the National Arts Centre.

My Mission Statement:

To not only practice dentistry, but to practice with a difference.
This includes performing at my professional best, by using my skills at the optimum level possible. To incorporate my knowledge, strengths, and confidence to the benefit of all the patients that I treat.

To continue to expand my mind with new learning by attending seminars and conferences that enable me to be up to date on the progress of modern dentistry and to bring this further education into my practice as an additional advantage to all my patients.

To relate to my patients on a human level by living true to the values that I hold dear...integrity, understanding, kindness, humility and respect.

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